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Apparently snakes are delicious...who knew....

On the second last day in Cambodia we stopped at a roadside stand to get what Conor Wall called "street food". I was imagining anything but what he gleefully pointed out to me. MMmmmmmm....snakes.....creepy creepy creepy snakes.


I never thought about them as a delicacy. To me they are these strange facinating critters that move across the earth faster than something without legs ought to. I appreciate the beauty of them...but never felt the compulsion to eat one...still don't...hopefully never will.

The group of kids at the roadside stand were all so eager to show off the snakes they had in hand...maybe they thought they would get a shriek out of the crazy tourist lady...I wanted to indulge them but was too fascinated...turns out my fascination was just


as rewarding.



I got such a kick out of watching the confidence with which the little boys handled the live snakes and showed them about.

The kids weren't the only ones eager to share information. The women working at the stands were so happy to tell me about the work they did.... How they did it....why the did it.

One lady sells the snakes skin on and fried...the other says she prefers to leave them skinned out in the sun to cure before she fries them because it makes them less greasy....who knew. Suffice it to say that I was more than happy to get the details from them without having to verify the information.



And that is that......

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