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A Wealth of Monks

Today is Photography Date Day in our household. Yup that is really a thing for us. We usually decide on what we are going to shoot, pack up the dog, the gear and head out to see how lucky we get. Usually that we are both draggin a little bit so we decided to do things a little bit differently. First part of the day is dedicated to couch time, movie watching and some intensive lightroom sessions....second part of the day will be spent wandering the streets of East Vancouver to see what subjects we come across.

Why am I telling you this? Well, apparently for me today is "edit all your Monk pictures" day. I swear I must have 400 frames of just monks.. Maybe it was because some of my best stories from Cambodia go along with the monk images.....maybe it is because of the visual appeal of their orange robes against the various backgrounds they were photographed against. I love the contrast....I love the is so deep, rich and bright...warm....all my very favorite things. So fair warning, the next little while on the facebook page and on this blog will be all about the bajillion monk images I have. I will try to control myself......maybe....perhaps...

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