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For 18 days this November I had the most amazing experience in Cambodia. Once a year I plan a vacation just for that is all about photography...exploring a new world...and pushing my boundaries. This year that adventure was all through out Cambodia. I travelled all over the country bungling through encounters and learning more about myself and the world around me.

I left with 5000 frames, a wealth of photography experiences, and the new knowledge that I'm more a photojournalist than a "travel" photographer. I thought I would leave with single images that would tell a story all by themselves...instead I found out I enjoyed capturing multiple images of the same scene...images that when put together tell the complete story. So over the next few months I'll share the stories both with imagery and written word...I hope in that way I get to share the most amazing experiences with you.

My friends and family have been hounding me to post images from the trip but I haven't managed to organize myself enough to share all the fantastic, sad, humorous, humbling stories I encountered in my travels. So to buy myself more time and appease the clamouring masses (oh the massive massive ego :) ) I'm posting just a few images from my trip, though it is not totally representative, I'm hoping that they will give you an idea of some of the fun I had. Hope you enjoy

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