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Introducing the new additions....Welcome baby "OLLIE"...and soon "ZEE"

Ok...Ok....keep your britches on...don't freak out...we aren't talking about the cute, cuddly, baby powder fresh kind of babes...we are talking the sleek, smooth, retro, sexy, inspiring, breathtaking mechanical kind.

After much consideration and debate, we (don't know who the heck we is...but I'm going with we) decided to expand the camera family to include more than the Freds and Jeffs (aka the boys) it contained. A feminine touch was much strolls a graceful, 40 year old beauty. The lines of her body elegant and amazing birthday present from N & H....."Ms. Ollie M the First" first ever film SLR camera, an Olympus OM1. Sweet mother is she one gorgeous know the kind that takes your breath away and makes you feel unworthy of being in her presence. A classy broad, she currently rules the camera bag and very bossily put the Freds and Jeffs in their place.

Infact, she was so convincing in her role as "queen of the roost" that she started me re-thinking my shooting style. I love the boys, and they do a brilliant job when we go out shooting...but I have to admit that I shoot less than I would like to because it generally involves packing gear and schleping it about town. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind doing it when I have a mind to do it.....BUT, on the days I don't, I miss out on images all the time. Beautiful captures that will forever be lost to me (melodramatic I know, but I'm indulging my artistic self here so play along). Well after Ms. Olie came to live at Chez Musa, I began to eyeball her and oh man I could take her everywhere with me!

Just look at her...ignore the Multicoloured-Madagascar-Afro-Circus-Wig in the background...very long story. Just sit back and appreciate the beauty that is Ms. Olie. Ain't she just purty!

She can fit in any bag, and I could always have something on hand to indulge my inner shutter bug. But then the cheap voice of reason would pipe in and go...."Lady, have you lost your mind!! We aren't made of money! Pixels cost nothing but film is a hella expensive!!!"....Sigh...if only I had a digital camera that looked and felt like Ms. Olie. At which point Ms. Ollie rolled her eyes at me and said.."Come on Crazy Lady, lets make a pilgrimage to consult with the great and wise guru"....translation, go to Leo's camera and beg Jeff-the-brilliant-genius-camera-guru-guy (yes I named one of my camera's after him) to help you with your dilemma....and what did Jeff-the-guru do? He opened my eyes to the wonder that is the mirrorless camera system.

Well lemme tell you how edujumaficating that conversation was (humor and joking aside, Jeff and his fellow colleagues at Leo's camera are a brilliant resource in Vancouver.....good place to learn about and buy gear...and don't get me started on their rental pool). A whole new blog entry to share with you guys. But until I can ramble on and on about all the riveting details (I'm sure you await that entry with bated breath), I'll jump ahead and skip the epic pro/con battle between the Olympus OM-D E5 and the Fuji XE1 (I see your eyes glazing over already) and say that after a month of deliberation I decided to jump on the Fuji bandwagon and bring home a new Fuji XE1.....also known as "Zee".

I can hear the clamoring for her picture....I know you wanna see how beautiful she is. are just gonna have to wait. Why? Because I am just leaving home to go pick her up from Leo's. Insert "happy dance, squeal, twirl, happy dance". But I promise....once we get settled in I'll introduce her to you lot. And maybe even show off all the amazing things she can do.

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