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Incremental Creativity #16 (24 x 30)

MEDIUM: Encaustic (Damar Resin & Bees wax), Gold foil, Mixed media

SIZE: 24 x 30

FRAME: Cradled wood panel


Price listed does not include shipping cost


Incremental Creativity is a mixed media series by Marta Musa.   This mixed media pieces encorporate  multiple mediums including Encaustic (Damar Resin & Bees wax) and Gold foil.   Inspiration for this series comes from growth rings in trees.  Growth rings, in a cross section of the stem of a woody plant, are the increment of wood added during a single growth period.  Similar to a tree, I believe that an artist goes through creative seasons, learning, adapting and changing with each period of growth. 


Each piece begins with collecting a round of wood, drying it, sanding it, burning it, printing it and converting it into gold foil to incorporate into an encaustic painting.

- Will ship worldwide. Inquire for shipping quote.
- Pricing listed does not include shipping
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Incremental Creativity #16 (24 x 30)

  • An encaustic painting stable in a temperature range of approximately 40-120°F. Wax is more fragile in the cold and becomes extremely brittle in freezing temperatures. If you would drop the painting is cold temperatures it will shatter. The paintings will begin to shift at 120°F. The wax begins to be workable at 150°F, and it becomes liquid at 162°F. Very hot days can soften the wax somewhat, but will cause no real damage.

    If you must transport the painting in hot or cold weather simply first cover the entire wax surface with wax paper, then cardboard, and some form of insulation. When that painting is at room temperature remove the wax paper and unwrap the painting. When in hot weather the wax paper will stick to the painting but will cause no damage as long as it is removed at room temperature.

    Do not hang your painting in direct sunlight. You should never put any fine art in direct sun, but with encaustic there could be more immediate consequences. If you are nervous about the placement of the painting just feel the surface. If it is warm the painting needs to be moved. It should always feel cool to the touch.

    Avoid glassing in an encaustic piece. If encased in glass and hung in direct sunlight, the glass will magnify the light an