I'm Marta Musa, a Vancouver (Canada) based multidisciplinary artist working in variety of mediums (photography, encaustic, mixed media, illustrations, printmaking etc). My personal art practice focuses on the health and wellbeing benefits of creativity.

My initial adventures into creativity, were as a tool to balance my previous career as an ICU RN with my need for self care. Recently, however, my explorations in creativity have become my way of coping with the challenge of living with a newly acquired and disabling brain injury I fondly refer to as "Bertha".

Bertha and I hope you enjoy our shared works that reflects our creative and chaotic brain.​



My work is available to purchase for limited periods throughout the year (due to restrictions related to my brain injury.)

During these times sales of artwork can be made through the SHOP on this website.


All proceeds from sales of my work benefit the following organizations

La Gonave Community And Child Haiti

Hugabull Advocacy and Rescue


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July 4, 2020

So, when you are a multidisciplinary artist (aka an artist totally and utterly incapable of limiting themselves to just one medium), it is frowned upon to put all your different creations on one website/social media account etc. (Silly rule right?!?!)

Now....I barely have the cognitive reserves to deal with one website...let alone 10 different ones. Seriously, I refuse to have a separate website for whatever new medium grabs my fancy. So I'm gonna say "Screw It" and just do me. Imma pioneer my version of a multi-disciplinary-Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Website.

So Bertha and I have been slowly plugging away at it. And today was the first step towards making this random thing happen the way we want it to. In an effort to help online visitors understand what my creativity is about I've decided this image is going to be the introduction to my online space.

Whatcha it confusing and random enough for you? 


July 2, 2020

We have an important announcement to make....yesterday this reactive child went to the dog park....and was PERFECT. don"t understand. She was PERFECT! Seriously, guys she was more perfect than her perfect brother. She didn't chase, bark at or cuss out one single dog. She just zoomed around, sniffed stuff, played with some other short dogs, waded in the lake, politely said hello to everyone and generally minded her manners.

Seriously...I could almost here the voice in her head as she pranced around being a good girl..."I told dah Mahmah Lady I was ready to be an innepenant (independant) woman...dhat means no barkies or bities. Coz innepenant womenz mindz dhere own bidness (business). I'm a gud girlz.....acshually.....I'm dah bestest girlz"

Keeping fingers and toes crossed she continues to be an innepenant woman!

June 26, 2020

I've had acquaintances and friends ask what it takes to get a great doggo portrait. And there are really 2 answers to the question. The first applies 90% of the need a sound understanding of photography and dog behavior...and a willingness to crawl on the floor while making weird sounds or waving toys/treats.

The second answer applies to 10% of the get you a stunning camera ready pup like Ms. Hazel here...and she pretty much does all the work for you. She knows her good side, pays attention to the light, and will hold a pose like a boss. Seriously....not one awkward shot. Majestic AF this girl!

A little about Ms. Hazel, she was Fred's very first best friend. They met when she was a teeny tiny baby Bulldog meatball...and they would wrestle and wrestle in the lobby of our condo building. As she grew she won more and more of her tussles with him. I remember this shoot with her was hysterical because s...

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