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  I am a Vancouver (Canada) based multidisciplinary artist, whose personal practice focuses on the health and wellbeing benefits of creativity.   

A daily exploration of creativity, in various mediums, has become my way of coping and dealing with the challenge of living with a newly acquired brain injury (aka Bertha.) 

This site is a reflection of my creative and chaotic brain. I hope you enjoy our creations.

October 26, 2019

I’ve always thought when you experience loss…you grieve it with the goal of eventually rebuilding yourself so you can live a life of meaning despite the loss. But what happens when the barrage of loss is endless? What happens when you don’t get a reprieve from loss? What happens when the things you lose are the very meaning of life? .

Recently, my husband and I were advised that our four-year journey to pursue adopting a child has officially come to a permanent end. The social worker and the team at the Ministry felt that my limitations and disability were so profound and disadvantageous as to make me an unfit potential adoptive parent. .

I’m still reeling. I don’t have the words to describe how painful …raw …enraged …despondent …hollow …just ..so ..so …uugghhh …I don’t have the words for it.
One moment of fucking inattention by a stranger…one moment…and somehow, I’m left holding the bag. Paying the massive price, the univ...

October 6, 2019

I'm really really really proud of these. It has taken me 3 years to figure out how to take this idea of gold wood rings in encaustic and make it a reality. Honest to goodness I needed to be an encaustic artist, a photographer, a printmaker, a mixed media artist....a lover of propane torches and more than a little bit crazy to get to this point.

Looking forward to debuting my Incremental Creativity series at the East Side Culture Crawl 2019 running November 14th to 17th...I will as usual be huddled in my spot at Octopus Studios (393 Powell St, Vancouver, BC)

If you have followed me for any time you know I only sell my work once a year at the Eastside Culture Crawl 2019.....and that all proceeds benefit both La Gonave Community & Child Association and Hugabull Advocacy & Rescue Society.  Fingers crossed others love this series as much as I do....otherwise friends and family beware...y'all are getting th...

October 3, 2019

See all these pictures of Carmela…she has been wearing one version or another of these judgmental doubtful expressions all morning. Why you ask? Well…because this morning she run down stairs like a dog on a mission and spent 5 minutes barking at the front door….I in turn yelled at her to stop yelling at whatever was at the door (which I wrongly assumed was just a figment of her reactive imagination…more on that later). She barked…I yelled…she sent her brother up to the room I was in to get me. Fred stared at me woefully as if to say “Maahhmm…I phink dhere is someone at dah door…Carmela won’t stop barking”….tired and irritated I told him to quit feeding his sister’s crazy and go lie in his bed…and obedient child that he is, he cooperatively shrugged his shoulder and went to lie down on the bed. Carmela continued to yell at the front door…determined not to get caught up in her “Drama” I immaturely yelled down “ I can’t hear y...

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