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The All Lives Matter Memo

Just gonna leave this here for all the people who insist on "All Lives Matter"....Did you maybe happen to notice that it isn't "ALL" types of people that are being lynched and killed on a day to day is predominantly BLACK & BROWN People. It is black & brown people living lives full of terror. It is not ALL lives that are terrified of being killed while living their day to day is Black & Brown Lives. So let's agree our world doesn't need a reminder that All Lives what the world really needs is a reminder that #BlackLivesMatter...coz I don't know if you noticed....but our society as a whole seems to have ignored a large segment of the population when the "All Lives Matter Memo" went out. Go ahead....check your copy.

So in review:- 1. Stop doing it. (Aka saying All Lives Matter.....just shuushhhh) 2. It is hurtful 3. It is dismissive 4.And it makes you look like a deliberately ignorant idiot

An illustration of a Caucasian man yelling ALL LIVES MATTER at a scene with multiple hands in different colours holding protest signs saying "I can't breath", "black lives matter" "Justice" and "we need Change".  These protestors are stood under the bodies of 3 Black men and 1 Black woman who have been hung / lynched

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