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You gonna eat that?

January 4, 2019

True story.


I have a terrible cold right now. Last night a coughing fit came upon me and before I knew it the coughing morphed into dry heaving and the dry heaving into the most epic and spontaneous projectile vomiting of the dinner I had 10 minutes prior....I know it is gross...but stay with me, it gets worse. 


And while I am trying to breath....and cough... and throw up my poorly masticated meal (note to self Chew Chew Chew before you swallow), I found my self yelling the following....between gasps, heaves and coughs...."No!....No! Carmela....No eating Mommy's puke!...Yucky!...No!...It has cold medicine in it....Bad dog!." She wouldn't speak to me for 2 hours after.





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