Critter Coutre Anyone?

January 24, 2018

So I've started playing around with Block printing.   I had these glorious landscapes in mind when I first started down this road.  But creativity isn't a mistress you can dictate to.  Somehow the concept of landscapes morphed into caricatures of clothed animals.   Totally makes sense.....not.


I call him "Saucy Daddy"...coz he looks like a pimpin' fish. Is it just me?


So I asked my adopted nephew and nieces what to name a sweater wearing Octopus for my new "Critter Coutre" Block Print Series. As per their mother they came up with "Mr. Randall Spike-Sweats". I think I'm gonna have them name all my stuff from now on.




Say hello to Miss Izzy Ottington.  I think she suits her name.





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