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Hello East Side Culture Crawl 2017

For four years now I've been peddling my wares at the East Side Culture Crawl, "A four-day visual arts, design and crafts festival receiving more than 30,000 visitors to 500+ artists in their studios across 80 buildings in the area bounded by Columbia Street, 1st Avenue, Victoria Drive and the waterfront in Vancouver, Canada.". I work out of a 17 artist space called Octopus Studio (393 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC) that is filled to the brim with amazing artists who know how to do a 4 day arts festival in style! (Potluck baby!!!)

But enough about art and food. As usual, the goal for me is to fundraise for the two amazing organizations I work with; La Gonave Community and Child Haiti as well as Hugabull Rescue and Advocacy Society.

So what wares am I peddling this year? Well, firstly let me say that I have some pretty ridiculously low pricing to clear out works of art from my studio....fair warning I may not be as cheap next year.....coz I aim to be a fancy artiste with an entourage of my own...drinking only bottled water and prone to tempramental artistic fits....ahhhhh....what a dream...not. Seriously though....the art is affordable...grab some and share the love. For those of you not in the lower mainland....don't fret. This upcoming week I'll set up the Philanthropic Creative storefront with all the works that are available for purchase and shipping to you.

So back to what I have....I have my lovely Abstract Critter and Abstract Noggin Critters hand done as gold foil prints (at a whopping $20 / print....oh the deals). And I also have all the Encaustic Paintings I created this year available.


The meditative exercise of using one fluid stroke to create an Ensō is seen as an expression of a singular moment; "a moment when the mind is free to let the body create." There is so much more to the concept of an Ensō including "the beginning and end of all things, the circle of life and the connectedness of existence". But what truly speaks to me is the concept that imperfection is an essential and inherent part of our existence. So, of course it made perfect sense to me that an Ensō should be the starting point for a series of mixed media pieces that allow me to explore the imperfection of my post Bertha (brain injury) brain.

Enso Bertha 8 x 8 on Wood Panel - $75

Enso Bertha 12 X 12  on Wood Panel - $150

Enso Bertha 8 x 8 on Wood Panel - $75

Enso Bertha 6 x 6 on Wood Panel - $40
Enso Bertha 5 x 5 on Wood Panel - $30


A series of encaustic paintings that use braille to explore societies perception of disability; and a tendency to focus on disabled individual’s limitations rather than their abilities. If you ask me really nicely I'll tell you what the braille says ;)

Abilities and Limitations 9 x 12 - $130

Abilities and Limitations 4 x 10 - $50

Abilities and Limitations 6 x 6 - $40

Abilities and Limitations 8 x 24- $200


A series of abstract encaustic paintings that imagine what the world may look like from above.

From Above 5 x 5 - $35

From Above 5 x 7 - $30

From Above 5 x 7 - $30


Mixed media encaustic paintings featuring image transfers from my 3-year Crows of Still Creek Photography Project

Crows of Still Creek 4 x 10 - $50

Crows of Still Creek 6 x 24 - $130





  • A disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favourable outcome

  • The belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world; that goodness pervades reality

  • The doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.

Optimisim 6 x 24 - $150

Optimism 5 x 5 - $30

Optimism 5 x 5 - $30

And other stuff....

Abstract Owl Noggin in Wax - $40

Frozen Arse 12 x 12 - $100

Get off the Cross we need the wood 5 x 5 - $30

Webs - 4 x 10 - $50

VW Bug Series 4 x 3 - $15

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