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Felix from the Congo

In my pre-Bertha era (pre-concussion for those of you new to the terminology) I used to love walking the streets looking for people whose faces drew my attention and ask if I can make an image of them. I miss it soooooo much.

However, today I had a "Bertha friendly" opportunity to ask this stranger/gentleman for his image. He agreed. The first few frames he had the most stoic face on...but I was on a mission to capture his true self. So I got to chatting to him about his story...and he told me his name was Felix, and he was from the which I promptly asked...isn't it ridiculous how there are like 4 black people in Vancouver and we all know each other? And taaadaaaaaa....his guard let down and this is what was created. Doesn't he have one of the most beautiful smiles you have ever seen?

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