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Pushing the bounds of creativity

Today was a long day of teaching...I didn't get an opportunity to get out and explore an opportunity make an image that resonated with me. This Project 365 is a lot harder than I thought. The challenge of constantly being aware/vigilant....looking for that story that will translate well into a single frame.

So what happens when the light is going and you have had a long day and haven't had a chance to go out and find a story? make a story.

I spent all day talking about blood gases and looking at the anatomically correct doll in the corner of the do I make it interesting? So after the day was done I hauled the doll over closer to the classroom windows...closed the curtains to get only a certain amount of light and took some shots.

Now...keep in mind that I am not the only one in the classroom. In fact the two other instructors were standing in the classroom doorway looking at doubt they were wondering what the heck was I doing...and had I finally snapped and lost my mind. Being fantastic friends they decided not to intervene but instead to document the moment of craziness. This is the image one of them took while I was trying to be creative

Don't judge...that is how I roll when I'm shooting. It may look odd but it gets the job done. Here is the final result. I think it is pretty darned cool.

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