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Nurse Freddy and Carmela to the rescue. NOT!!

I have been feeling very under the weather for the last few days = absolutely nothing done. There has been many attempts made to get work done but apparently the universe disagrees with my plans. What it does demand I do is curl up in bed under the care of Frederico and Carmelita.

Now...I know what you are thinking...they are so ridiculously cute how could you possibly want to any sort of work. Other than the fact that puppy smushing has yet to pay the bills.....well...they make for gawd-awful nurses...and yes that is my professional opinion.

Heavens love them but they seem to think that the bed is a wrestling ring. Freddy thinks he is the delicate 15 lb lap dog and sits/rolls on top of me mid play fight with his sister. Carmela on the other hand thinks she is a 75 lb pitbull...she grabs her brother by the scruff and throws him over her shoulder...and accomodating brother that he is he aids in this delusion by flinging himself enthusiastically over her...usually onto myself or Gordon.

150103_Project 365_9846.jpg
150103_Project 365_9850.jpg
150103_Project 365_9825.jpg
150103_Project 365_9899.jpg
150103_Project 365_9888.jpg
150103_Project 365_9860.jpg

Usually that means a human person yells at them to quit it and they temporarily pause. Now Freddy who has been with us longer has a more expansive vocabulary and reads us well...he knows how to muster up a "fake" good boy for longer than Carmela can "fake" a good girl. He usually lies beside you giving you this adoring worshipful look (same one I get everytime my camera comes out) and waits until you are not paying attention before he initiates another play fight again.

150103_Project 365_9845.jpg

Ms. Fussy pants on the other hand DOES NOT GET HOUSE RULES YET. She has figured out in the last 2 days that giving mama goey eyes gets her out of trouble.

150103_Project 365_9836.jpg

But usually when I call her on it she usually gives me attitude...damned girls.

150103_Project 365_9842.jpg

Finally there is peace and I can get some shut eye again.....Freddy peacefully lying by my side...Carmela watching me intently for any sign of movement. But the peace doesn't last long...because as soon as I move and crack an eye open Ms. Carmela is at my face doing the Carmela Salute (i.e. crazy repetative air licking) and then dives at my fingers and starts to nibble on them while she makes contented squeaky baby alligator noises...I kid you not....go to youtube...this is the sound she makes. Ofcourse now that she is a "gator" Freddy gives up all semblance of being a good boy and he joins the mess....sigh. If they weren't so friggin ridiculously cute I swear I don't think I could handle it.

150103_Project 365_9878.jpg
150103_Project 365_9882.jpg
150103_Project 365_9884.jpg
150103_Project 365_9875.jpg

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