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August 20, 2015

Saw this as we were stepping into the parking garage....and it seemed like such a wonderful metaphor for life.....I think many of us could use more OUT signs in life to point us in the correct direction. Happy World Photography Day.

August 18, 2015

I am a huge fan of the philosophy "Name your Demon to Tame your Demon". I use absurd names and humor to mark them...to turn them from terrorizer into a foe in battle...to conquer their paralyzing powers....to make them easier to talk about ...to help visualize them...t...

July 20, 2015

I started my Project 365 as a technical challenge but it very quickly morphed into a way of journaling my life.   A way for me to document my everyday and my life path with those that want to listen. It isn't about fishing for attention. It is just about being honest a...

July 3, 2015

To celebrate making it throught the first 6 months of this project 365....and because I may be a touch looney....we decided this Freddy Friday he was going to be a Viking.....or a Character from Game of Thrones....but I prefer to think of him as my Viking.  Isn't he al...

April 13, 2015

I didn't think I would be writing another blog post so soon.  But apparently the universe is determined to throw collapsing buildings at me this weekend.

After a lovely brunch (French Toast with blueberry compote people....yummmalicious!!) celebrating the birthday of on...

March 11, 2015

For years I have seen and wondered at the daily commute of the crows.   One hour before sunset the East Vancouver and Burnaby skys are full of thousands of crows making their way to their nightly roost at Still Creek.

I am amazed at how beautiful it all seems.   Th...

March 8, 2015

Every photographer in Vancouver has made a photograph of a 57 foot tall local land mark and art installation "The Monument For East Vancouver" by Ken Lum.    

I have been eyeballing it for a couple of years now wondering how I was going to tell it's story.   D...

March 5, 2015

Of late I have been looking at light fixtures everywhere I go.   There are some of the most awesome light fixtures in the strangest places.  Today I walked into a store and noticed this light fixture above the cashiers desk.  Isn't it just fabulous!

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