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July 10, 2017

918 / 1096 : I may or may not have a plant "rescuing" problem. I can't help buying every sad lonely unloved plant in the "clearance" section...am I the only one? 

July 1, 2017

909 / 1096 :  By nature I am a pretty outgoing, compassionate, friendly and generally fun person to be around.  Unfortunately the universe refuses to allow me to reside in my usual healthy positive space. If anything this week the universe has been on a bid to push wel...

June 18, 2017

896 / 1096 : shit-kick·er (noun)
1. a dog that that kicks shit.
2. Carmela Juanita

Story time.....it has taken me 4 days to get permission from my husband, Gordon,  to share this story with you. Four days for him to forgive and get over it.

Poor Freddy had...

June 16, 2017

94 / 1096 : When I found out part of my Bertha (my Brain Injury) journey would involve a multi day intense assessment of my functional capacity...well, I'll be honest; I did my fair share of creative cussing. Why?!? Because part of my success at keeping Bertha under lo...

May 24, 2017

872 / 1096 : Freddy's bathing suit region has sunburns....True Story

January 3, 2017

733 / 1096 - When your mom is a paranoid nurse who decides you are deathly ill and drags you to the emergency vet....only to be told your physical exam shows a perfectly normal dog, normal vital signs....and oh yeah...those mucous membranes that were grey with a capill...

December 23, 2016

722 / 731 : Sacrilege....the horror...what crazy black lady cuts off all that hair!!! So horrifying was this to the other black lady in the salon that she demanded we give her time to flee the shop before we started chopping away. It was worth it just for that....but m...

December 12, 2016

711 / 731 : Since I celebrate my birthday from December 12th to 15th....today is an extra special day. It is the last day I spend in my 30's. So to mark this day I went looking for my favorite memory from the last decade...one that includes a picture of JUST me. And gu...

January 31, 2015

Very soon into this Project 365 I learned that I was allowed to make the stories I captured about myself. It didn't neccesarily have to be about someone else, something else or somewhere else....it can be all about me right now in this place, space and time.


So of cour...

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