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December 19, 2016

718 / 731 : What do two crows in a snow storm say to each other?.......Man, look at that stupid crazy ass human out there pointing that camera at us instead of staying in her warm cozy home...not bright I tell you.... not bright at all!

July 11, 2015

I see it outside my window everyday. The eagle usually comes hunting...I assume for juvenile gulls or crows. Nothing ordinary in that...but what is amazing is the response. Yesterday it was the seagulls that were the victims...and their response was to mob their predat...

March 11, 2015

For years I have seen and wondered at the daily commute of the crows.   One hour before sunset the East Vancouver and Burnaby skys are full of thousands of crows making their way to their nightly roost at Still Creek.

I am amazed at how beautiful it all seems.   Th...

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