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August 30, 2020

I've been nursing this Crow drawing for a few weeks now.  I started it when Fred's health began to decline...when Bertha (my brain injury) and I were spinning out of control and needed lines-lines-lines to anchor us  I'd gather my supplies and Freddy, head down to our...

August 28, 2020

It has been a week since Fred left us. A week filled with some very low lows. But that is not to say they weren’t moments of what I call high lows. Those moments are when your grief and sorrow are shared with others, seen and acknowledged. Whether it is a text message,...

August 19, 2020

Im realizing that my blog posts function more as a journal entry for me than anything else. They force me to take my experiences and feelings, put them into words...and get out of my own head. So bear with me as I exorcize some demons today.

Last night was a horrible....

August 18, 2020

Evey single single one of them in our entire complex has encountered Officer Carmela. She patrols our deck and yells at anyone and anything that dares to come within the boundaries of her imagined domain....aka within the 20 feet s...

August 14, 2020

Like many people out there, I am an over thinker that analyzes everything and tries to plan for every eventuality. In my old life as an ICU nurse it was a valuable trait, for me and my patients. It is also how I have been able to survive some of lifes very hard knocks;...

July 29, 2020

Before Fred was my best boy, there lived this other "Mahmah's best boy...and his name was Kootney. He was a dignified Shepherd/Husky that did not have one single goofy bone in his body He was serious about serious. Even his woo woos were serious. You wo...

July 28, 2020

This is straight from the kids "Snacko Attack Plan". They have both managed to convince themselves that dog food is beneath them (same stuff that they scarfed down last week)...Carmela tells me she is doing it in solidarity with her sick Brother. We put out their delic...

July 27, 2020

So on Friday our bubba Fred had a bit of a medical crisis and we ended up in the ER....long story short, he is much better today.

Because of my background in medicine, in our family, I am the one in charge of medical stuff. Old pre-injury me was super focussed, and di...

July 21, 2020

Lines, lines, and more lines. I am so grateful that I’ve found something to help soothe me when everything feels so chaotic and overwhelming. As I have shared before, there is something so soothing about allowing lines to flow into each other.

While making this piece,...

June 26, 2020

One of my favorite things about establishing a daily creative practice focused soley on "exercising creative thinking" rather than on the "outcome", is that it allows me to do things just for the sake of doing them.

What I mean by this is that every time the random thou...

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